Forum program


DAY 1 - 10 November 2020

Conference 1: Issues of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics in the era of high technology: an interdisciplinary aspect

Section 1 (conference 1). Language Theory and Comparative Studies in Modern Linguistics

Section 2 (conference 1). The issues of Cognitive Linguistics in an interdisciplinary aspect

Section 3 (conference 1). Pragmatic studies in the language of the XXI century

Section 4 (conference 1). Issues of Terminology in the digital age


Round table 1. “Corpus studies in Linguistics”

Round table 2. "The discursive paradigm of linguistic knowledge: anthropocentrism, interdisciplinarity, multicode"

Round table 3. “Language and environmental consciousness”

DAY 2 - 11 November 2020


Conference 2: Methods of teaching and learning Foreign Languages ​​in the information age

Section 5 (conference 2). Foreign Language Teacher in the Digital Age: Professional Challenges

Section 6 (conference 2). Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Foreign Languages acquisition

Section 7 (conference 2). Innovative methods of teaching and learning foreign languages

Round table 4. “Distance learning of Foreign Languages ​​- challenges and prospects”

Round table 5. “Inclusive teaching of Foreign Languages”


Round table 6. “Russian as a Foreign Language in the Digital Age”

DAY 3 - 12 November 2020


Conference 3: Fundamentals of Translation Studies at the Crossroads of Digital Technology

Section 8 (conference 3). Translation studies: development prospects in the modern digital world

Section 9 (conference 3). Emotions and ideologies in interpretation and translation

Section 10 (conference 3). Didactic principles of translation activity in the information age

Round table 7. "Translation of the XXI century: Man vs Machine"


Round table 8. “Technical and scientific texts: rules and features of translation from A to Z”